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Selection of Best Marble Stones

The team of experts researched for the long length and found best marbles from the quarries across the world like Italy, Turkey, Brazil and from many other countries. It is a continuous process. At our factory, they are weighed and stacked carefully to ensure they are at good shape throughout the process.

Importing Marble with International Standards

Sipani Imports the marble to India with International Standards into containers with full safety. Complete Inspection of the blocks is done prior to the shipment.

Block Strengthening or Block Reinforcement Process

Every block is being inspected and sent for rapping it up with special fiber in Block Dressing Machine. In this process, each side of the block is been glued with Epoxy Resin & Hardener in thick Paste form & is applied as a primer & later it is been dried for 2 days. The fiber used here acts as a holder for marble by which marble gets extra strength & safety. Even edges of slabs do not chip-off during sawing and reduce wastage.

Block Sawing with Gang-saw

Block sawing is done by high-quality Gang-saw machine with ‘Hydraulic Tensioner Blades’ to achieve a uniform cutting experience. Depending on the rock type, a block normally takes around 8 to 10 hours to be cut into slabs of a predefined thickness. Our Slabs cutting are followed by an International standard of cutting with 18mm+ thickness.

Robotic Handling of slabs

All handling activities (loading and unloading) of marble slabs is carried out by ‘Robotic Slab Machines’ with robotic vacuum cups. This reduced manual effort, save time and avoids any possibility accidents and injuries due to manual errors.

Book Matching of Slab

After sawing its time for book matching the slabs. Our experts align all the slabs in a unique pattern where the two adjoining surfaces mirror each other, giving the impression of an opened book. At our factory, (wherever required) slabs are rotated with the help of an automated machine to achieve the desired book matching.

Slabs Drying and Pre-heating

Before proceeding further, we make slabs dry completely and hence with high-pressure of Hot Air We Pre-Heats the Slab. Every slab is passed through Hot Compressed Air Jet in a closed chamber to dry by which all moisture is taken out and then it’s processed for pre-heating for 2 hours. At this point, all the pores are being opened up to help proper filling with Epoxy Resin.

Mesh attachment for stiffness of stone

Imported fiber mesh is fixed to the backside of each marble slab by applying superior quality epoxy resin for extra strength & Stiffness. Resin curing/drying is done in the next set of Slab Drying and Pre-Heating Towers in the Automatic Resin Line.

Double sided epoxy coating for extra strength

After the back side is strengthened, the marble slabs are rotated with the help of an Automated Slab Turning Machine and applied the epoxy coating on the front side even to make slab extra strong.

Vacuum Processing for sucking air out

In Vacuum Processing process the entire slab goes through vacuum Chamber to suck entire air out. By this process the complete epoxy on the slab is been filled in each and every minute pore, even all cracks and crannies are sealed permanently.

Grinding with 8 head grinding machine

8 headed computerized and synchronized machine will grand and removes all undulation within the slab to give a perfect surface with no variation. At this process all the 8 heads of the machine work at various pressures and adjust automatically to ensure the entire slab surface is even.

Final Polishing the slab

Finally, polishing of the re-strengthened slabs is performed by our hi-tech Automated Slab Polishing Line, providing it for 100% glossiness.

Stacking of finished Marble Slabs

Using cranes the finished marble slabs are stacked in the designated frames with the help of automated machine rather than manual handling. By automated stacking process, marbles are placed safely without any damage and it also saves time.

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