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Italian Marble Manufacturers


Italian Marble Manufacturers

As an Italian marble manufacturer located in Bangalore, Sipani Marbles has become the source of providing some of the best marbles of the world to our customers. 

Marble is a metamorphic rock which is made form crystallization of limestone properties like calcite and dolomite. They can be found in abundance in some of the best quarries in the world. The most renowned marble in the world is Italian marble

Italy has been known for exporting marble to at least 40 countries in the world. The sole reason for this popularity is the quality of Italian marble. These natural stones have a soft, delicate beauty that oozes elegance and sophistication. Marble is used everywhere in Italy, through this stone, the world was able to see great creations like The Statue of David, The Pantheon, The Colosseum and so on. All these structures were carved from pure white marble

Till this date, Italy manufacturers marble like Carrara, Statuario, Volakas and Calacatta around the same place in Tuscany. They also manufacture colorful marbles like beige and blue all over the world. 

With commercial help, people are now able to buy these rare stones easily. Italian soft stones are used for interior decorating purposes for both commercial and residential spaces. Hotels and restaurants rely on Italian marble to add value and induce a sense of luxury. 

Marble is also used for home spaces like the living room, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms for a luxurious appeal. They are used for walls, flooring, countertops, sinks, backsplashes, bathtubs, etc. 

At Sipani, we import luxurious Italian marble from the quarries of Italy for our customers. All our marble goes through thorough quality checks to ensure that its visual appeal, strength and durability are intact. We manufacture, install and help you maintain Italian marble for your home’s needs.

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