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Looking for luxury marble for bathroom? Opt for Sipani’s Soft Stones


marble for bathroom

Get Italian luxury marble for bathroom, only at Sipani Marbles.

Natural stone is a luxury material that can transform any space into a beautiful castle. This is especially true in the case of bathrooms. The bathroom is a frequently used space. You go to the bathroom when you need a relaxing shower or a bath. You need the atmosphere to be as warm and calm as it can get. 

Achieving this vibe is possible through a proper bathroom marble design. Various types of marble are favored for bathrooms like white marble, beige marble, black marble, travertine marble, brown marble, and so on. 

Every marble has a unique aesthetic that can change the look and feel of your bathrooms. For example, White marble is known to ooze a minimalistic aura while black marble is used for a real and classy look. Beige marble has undertones of warmth that is perfect for a relaxing setting while travertine is more refined in its approach. 

At Sipani, we manufacture all types of luxury marble. We import marble from 15 hand-picked quarries from across the globe. 

Our marbles are perfect for your home/offices/hotels because we offer: 

  • High quality

All our stones are of high quality, we test each slab to meet the international ISI standard of quality. From a refined stone strengthening system to book mapping to thorough scrutiny, we ensure that our marbles are ready and pre-cut for your home. This also helps us to eliminate any waste. 

  • Strong

Each and every marble slab has to go through a 3 kg ball drop test where a 3kg ball is dropped from a pre-decided heigh on a slab to check for damage. Slabs that pass the test with zero damage are considered to be eligible for shipping. This is done to ensure the durability and longevity of marble before they can grace your homes, offices and hotels. 

  • Best visual aesthetic 

Marble won’t be marble without its unique visual aesthetic. We hand-pick marbles of the highest aesthetic value before we ship them to our factory. We ensure that every slab is unique and that no two slabs possess the same design, pattern or texture. We manufacture an array of marbles like white, beige, pink, tronyx, travertine etc.

  • Noncancerous 

We coat our marble in Epoxy Resin. Epoxy is a non-cancerous substance that not just strengths marble but prevents cancer as it isn’t toxic. This is done to keep the health and well-being of our customers strong. 

These stones make the perfect choice for your bathroom as they are strong, beautiful, and safe.

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