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Bedroom Marble Trends to Keep an Eye on

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is where you spend a huge part of your life to relax and unwind after a long day. Therefore it is only natural to want the best interior for this personal space. 

Speaking of natural, 2020 has gracefully provided us with beautiful marble for bedroom trends that you surely need to keep an eye on. Here are a few that you can think about. 

Flooring: Minimalism is the key

White marble

White Marble Flooring

White marble is the epitome of minimalistic simplicity. A full white-marble flooring will enhance the superiority of your bedroom. We would highly suggest an Italian Statuario or Carrara marble for flooring. 

Beige marble 

Beige is a subdued colour which isn’t flashy for the eyes. For flooring, you would definitely want to go for a simple colour marble due to the sole fact that the floor is frequently used. A simple warm colour will soothe the eyes while maintaining the balance in your bedroom interior. Therefore, go for a typical beige marble or experiment with well-patterned beige marble. 

Grey marble

Speaking of a simple and soothing interior, if you’re someone who doesn’t like to play with colour and wants a no-nonsense flooring then you would be glad to know that grey marble flooring is becoming a popular choice of interior. A straightforward grey marble flooring will turn your room into a classy space. 

Walls: Splashing colour in the plain


A wall backsplash is an intricate design created by using marble and metal to resemble a pattern.  Wall backsplashes are becoming popular day by day. You can create a backsplash for bedroom mirrors, vanity areas, walls behind beds or any other space that you wish for. You can either go for a colourful backsplash or a plain one, both work well.

Onyx marble

luxury marble onyx

A luxury marble like Onyx comes in a variety of colour that you can choose from; and since 2020 is all about experimenting, you can go all out and use a single wall to cover with vibrant onyx colours like pink, blue, black and white to create that peculiar statement.

Accessories: Bits and pieces make one whole

Mix and match

You can literally use marble to create any kind of accessory imaginable. For example, you can use marble to make seating chairs or tables, white and black marble make a good choice for this. Apart from this, you can cover little areas like dressing space, wall tables or huge countertops with marbles like Calacatta white, blue marble, tronyx or travertine. Literally any pretty marble can do the trick. 

Art pieces

Marble has been long used for art pieces. You can do something as simple as framing a thin slab of marble to something as complicated as a marble mosaic behind beds. Go all out by creating little things like marble photo frames to marble flowerpots in order to match the rest of your bedroom’s interior. 


When it comes to marble interior for home, the best approach you can take is ‘self-expression’. 2020 marble trend is all about expressing the individual within you, so you can play to your heart’s content.

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