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We Provide the Best Marble for Kitchen in Bangalore


Marble for Kitchen

Get high-quality marble for kitchen only from Sipani Marbles. Located in Bangalore, we sell top-quality marbles that are quarried from over 15 countries across the world. Our specialization lies in providing luxurious Italian marble that comes straight from the quarries of Italy. 

We provide marble for interior spaces like a bedroom, bathrooms, living room, and kitchens. We also cater to commercial spaces like offices, hotels, and restaurants. All our marbles are manufactured with care to withstand frequently used places like the kitchen. 

Each slab of marble has to go through the following process: 


We handpick quarries across the world to ensure that we shortlist only the most popular marble. Once we have our list, we begin the process of importing the quarried slabs to India.


Every block of marble has to be cleaned and cut into uniform sizes. The cutting process is important to ensure that marble doesn’t chip or get damaged. 


We reinforce marble with fibre and heating processes. Every slab of marble is coated with Epoxy Resign, which is a non-cancerous coating, for strength, well-being, and safety. 

Book mapping

Book mapping requires thorough scrutiny of two marble slabs to ensure uniformity in look and feel. This is done through professional expertise. 

3KG ball drop test

A 3kg ball is dropped from a particular height on every single marble slab in order to check it’s strength and durability. The slabs that pass this test are sent for polishing and selling.


Based on a customer’s requirement, we send the slabs for polishing. People often prefer glass polishing on marble but we also provide non-glassy slabs based on individual requirements.

Our process helps us to provide strong, stylish and sophisticated marble that can grace your kitchen floors, walls and countertops. We have marble designs as per kitchen requirements and you can find them in all shades and patterns like white, beige, blue, black, pink, onyx, tronyx, travertine, etc. 

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