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3 Tips to Maintain and Clean White Marble

White marble is the epitome of pure elegance and sophistication. This marble is so popular that almost every trendy interior designing idea includes white marble stones and designs for a chic interior. Nonetheless, they are in high demand.

Although these marbles are beautiful because of their colour and pattern, they require a little extra care due to this exact reason. White is a colour that stains easily and it may lose its beautiful lustre overtime. Natural stones can last a lifetime but they are vulnerable to acidic liquids, therefore, cleaning and maintaining them proves to be a hassle.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to maintain the beauty of white marble or any other marble in general.

Using sealant every few years


Marble is coated in sealant during the installation process, after polishing to be specific, they are coated with a sealant to protect the surface of marble from chipping off and to prevent acidic reactions.

The sealant will make the marble stain-resistant, which aids in the cleaning process. The application of sealant depends on usage, if your marble is highly used like those of floors and lobbies of hotels in commercial establishments then you can apply sealant every 1.5 to 2 years.

Household and commercial places with medium usage like floors and countertops can be sealed every 2-3 years and those with low usage like walls can be sealed every 7-8 years. If you ever think that your white marble is losing its shine over time, then a useful tip would be to apply polish on it before applying sealant. This helps to maintain the shine of the marble.

To ensure the longevity of your marble, apply sealant on the bottom of the slabs during installation. This prevents dirt from entering the slabs from within and ruining the surface.

Cleaning from time to time  

Precaution is always better than cure. If you have white marble countertops or white marble flooring then it is important that you keep them clean from time to time as they are more prone to staining than darker marble.

Mop and wipe your floors and counters daily to keep the shine of white marble. If your marble catches a stain then remove the stain immediately with a cleaner like Collins. Avoid spilling fruit juices and acidic liquids like citric acid. Keeping this routine will ensure that the marble is well polished and clean.

Get rid of stubborn stains 

Cleaning Time to Time


Although many cleaners are harmful to marble, there are few which specifically cater to marble cleanings like Collins and Dettol. Collins is mild and has a polishing effect on the marble hence, it can be used to clean walls and countertops. For floors, mopping with clean water and Dettol will do the trick. Do not scrub the marble as it may chip the surface and leave marks. If you have stubborn stains that just won’t go away even after cleaning then it’s best to leave the cleaning on experts, they use a combination of acids and tools to clean the marble.


White marble adds an aura of luxury and comfort in homes. Daily maintenance, cleaning and polishing can go a long way to keep your house looking fresh and luxurious.

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