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Italian Marble V/S Indian Marble: Does it matter?

Marble is quarried from some of the best quarries in the world. It is imported from countries like Italy, China, Spain, Turkey, India, Egypt, Oman, Greece, Vietnam and many others. The single biggest supplier of marble among these is Italy followed by Turkey. Although every marble has a uniqueness about them, they inherit the heritage of the quarry in their colours and patterns. 

Italian marble is of course always in demand due to their delicate elegance. However, people don’t realize that some of the most elegant marble used in India comes from the quarries of its own land. The states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh produce a plethora of Indian marble. 

If you’re confused as to which marble you should opt for, here’s a comprehensive look into both types of marbles. Hopefully, this analysis will help you come to a decision. 


Italian Marble: In terms of aesthetics, there isn’t much of a difference between Italian and Indian marble. However, Italian marble is always in high demand across the world, especially popular marbles like Carrara, Statuario and Calacutta. Italian marble, although white and coloured,  doesn’t always come in an array of colours as compared to Indian marble. However, their white marbles are rooted in heritage and have been in high demand for centuries. 

Indian Marble: Indian marble have similar aesthetics as Italian marble, but this may vary from one type of Indian marble to another. Most Indian marbles have a sturdier look and feel than Italian marble which have a soft, delicate look to them. Indian marbles come in an array of astonishing colours like Indian white marble, pink, green, yellow black. Popular Indian marble includes the Makrana marble (used to build the Taj Mahal), green marble and Ambaji marble from Gujrat. 


Italian Marble: Soft, highly lustrous and crystal-like. These words define the build of Italian marble. They are soft natural stones that radiate a luxurious aura. Packed with delicacy and sophistication, they are often cut into 15mm to 20 mm thickness depending on manufacturers. 

Indian Marble: Indian marble is comparatively sturdier than Italian marble, they also lack the lustre and reflection that Italian marble possesses. These stones radiate the richness of Indian heritage with their colourful nature. They are also cut in the international standard of 18mm but can go up 30 mm depending on requirements which may vary. Indian marble thickness starts from 10mm to 14mm for the local market & 20mm to 30mm for export material.


Italian Marble: Durability of Italian marble can be seen in the strength of monuments like the Parthenon, Tower of Pisa and the Statue fo David. These monuments were made from popular Italian marble and they were able to withstand the corrosion for centuries. They have high durability and even higher longevity. Hence, Italian marble is often used for both durable and aesthetic purposes like flooring, bathroom countertops, kitchen countertops, tabletops and walls accessories.

Indian Marble: Indian marble is slightly durable than Italian marble thanks to their sturdy nature. They are often used as kitchen countertops, flooring, bathroom walls and so on. They can be used anywhere and make a cheaper alternative than Italian marble. 


Installation of both the marble is fairly similar. The difference lies in the cost of installation. Many installation experts will charge based on different standards as care and attention is needed during handling. On average, the cost may range between Rs.80- 300 per sq ft. Indian marble, however, is comparatively cheaper than Italian marble. The price may vary from Rs.30 to ₹50 per sq.ft majorly because they are not given much care and attention. 


Italian Marble: Italian marble is a little costlier than Indian marble. They can range anywhere from Rs. 250- Rs.10,000 per sq.ft as they are imported with the finest quality. Click here to know the prices of Italian marble in India. 

Indian Marble: Indian marble can come as cheap as Rs.50 per sq ft for local green marble and the highest can range up to Rs. 250 for other types of marble. The reason for this is the lack of premium feel that Italian marble possess. However, they are a good alternative for a cheaper price. 

Italian V/S Indian marble: Does it matter? 

The answer is yes, it matters. Your choice of marble will largely define the ambience and durability of your home. Both marbles have strong durability but vary largely based on material, looks and colours. They both have their own pros and cons. In the end, the decision is yours. We sincerely hope that the above information can help you make up your mind.

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