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5 Lesser Known Facts About Italian Marble

When we think of Italian marble, the first thing that comes to mind is luxury. Italian marble is the epitome of strong, stylish and sophisticated marble. It is also one of the most popular marbles in demand across the globe. Italian marble is mainly known for its sturdy and elegantly soft look, both interior designers and customers prefer it over other types.

It was first used in ancient rome

The first use of marble in the whole world was initiated by Italy. Marble is rooted in rich Italian heritage. It was used by renaissance artists to craft timeless statues and monuments which were sustained overtime in Italy. Their prowess can be seen in the The Leaning Tower of Pisa or The Pantheon.

Carrara, Calacutta and Statuario are the most popular among Italian marble 

Although Italian marbles are very popular, the most in-demand are perhaps the Carrara, Calacutta and Statuario marble. These white marble have been in existence for over millennia and are still quarried till this date from the quarries of Carrara in Tuscany, Italy.

Michelangelo carved ‘The Statue of David’ from Carrara marble 

The most sought-after marble monument in the world: The Statue of David was carved by using the Carrara marble. Michelangelo carved the statue from a single block of Carrara marble after it lay abandoned for 25 years. It was believed that Carrara as a marble had many imperfections, however Michelangelo proved the fact to be wrong as his flawless masterpiece still leaves people in awe even after 500 years.

Italy exports Italian marble to 140 countries

Italy is the second biggest exporter of marble in the whole world. On an average it exports marble worth 424.5 US million dollars on an annual basis. The credit for this goes to the Italian know-how of marble, their expertise is the reason why Italy exports luxurious marble to at least 140 countries across the globe. It’s baffling to think that a single country has enough quarries to  provide huge chunks of marble to the world.

Italian quarrying methods are still used till date

Italians were the pioneers of stone quarrying methods and they still maintain this position, centuries later. They were known for controlling the high standards of marble by using intricate cutting and carving techniques. Since their quarries are rich in natural stones, the Italians have had centuries to polish their quarrying methods which are still used till this date.

So that’s it. Italian marbles are really something aren’t they? It has taken centuries of practice for Italy to fine tune their marble manufacturing methods. Perhaps this is why Italian marble is always in demand.

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