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2020 Marble Trends That Can Transform Your Home

Natural stones have the capacity to enrich the aura of your home. These stones exude stability through its strength and longevity while elegantly decorating your house. If you’re looking to enhance your home and give it an earthy feel then marble is the best choice.

We bring to you a few marble trends that you can take creative inspiration from to design your home.

Minimalism is the key

The beauty of marble is that you don’t always have to go extreme with designs and colors. Sometimes, a minimalistic approach is more than enough to make a statement. Speaking of minimalism, the trend will always stay in fashion regardless of time. Hence, if you’re looking for marble that exude effortless minimalism then we highly suggest Beige, Travertine and White marble to achieve the look.

Experiment with vintage elegance


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Vintage elegance is the talk of the town. Interior designers are always striving to achieve that vintage era look that is in some way or the other defining the essence of contemporary. Marble that are rich in patterns can be used to form a vintage look, we highly suggest using grey marble, brown marble and black marble as these colors can express the essence of vintage.

Marble is more than flooring

When we think about marble, the first image that comes to mind is of marble flooring. However, marble has been consistently used to create table tops for kitchen, wall decor for bathrooms and other appliances like bowls, sinks, bathtubs etc. Marble has the capability to add your personality even in furniture.

Design patterns wherever needed

Patterns, if arranged carefully, add a touch of elegance and structure to your home. All marbles are gifted with some or the other kind of patterns naturally for example, White marble have distinctive swirls while Onyx have chaotic earthy patterns. Once you decide which marble reflects your personality, then you can go all out and add patterns for a little noise in your home interior.

Mix and match hues

A dilemma that people often face while interior designing their home is whether they should go with uniformity or mix and match marble. Let us tell you once and for all: Fusion is in. Do not hesitate to mix and match marble. Infact, your home is all about your own personality, let marble help you express that.

Accessorize your marble

Marble can be cut, shaped and sized into any form. Perhaps this is why marble home accessories are gaining high popularity day by day. You can take colorful marble to hang on your walls or create a marble mosaic altogether to add color to amp up boring places.

Marble trends will keep changing from time to time, however, designing is all about expressing. No matter what the trend is, you can always make creative use of marble for your home.

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