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5 Marble Stones That Are Perfect For A Classy And Elegant Staircase

A beautiful home desires beautiful constructing. Which is where marble has played an important role for centuries. This exquisite material has the capability to make any space look rich, whether it be floors, walls, countertops or even staircases. 

Talking about staircases, it surpasses other architectural components of the home. With marble making a modern comeback in the world of interior designing, staircase designs and styles too have evolved over the years. Moreover, using marble for stairs comes with strength, beauty and brilliance. 

If you are constructing your home or planning for a renovation, then you have a wide range of marble stones to choose from. This material comes in an enormous range of colours, textures and designs including white, black, green, brown, grey, beige, red marble and so on. 

Let’s take a look at the top five perfect marble stone types for a classy and elegant staircase

White marble 

White Marble

The colour white represents purity and peace in the environment. White marble radiates sophistication in a room. A beautiful example is Carrara, a white marble used for constructing staircases in The City Chambers in Glasgow, Scotland. 

The stone comes with different veining patterns in grey, gold, pink, black depending on their type and quarry locations. You can go all white or pair it up with other coloured stones like beige or black. White makes it easy to create combinations due to its neutrality. Moreover, installing wooden railings has always been in fashion so why not? 

Beige marble 

Beige Marble


Beige marble offers warmth and clarity in your interiors. With beige staircases, you can create a luxurious environment in any space. Matching the stone with wooden railings provides a rustic look for your living rooms. The variety of hues the marble comes with are rich and they illuminate the space with its polished finish. 

The stones are decorated with dark and light-textured veining patterns depending on the stone type. Marbles such as Burberry, Botticino, Crema Marfil are the most popular beige marble types that you can experiment with. 

Black marble 

Black Marble

The colour black represents power and elegance that never fades away. The beauty of black marble is magnificent and it’s perfect for evoking feelings of timelessness. It is a natural and classic material to create a unique design statement to incorporate at your place. Black stones are a premium choice when it comes to selecting natural stone for interior designing. Its types are widely used for both homes and commercial spaces. And what’s more? You can clean it easily! 

Grey marble 

Grey marble is one of the most striking options for project designing for homes and commercial places. The colour brings the best of the two worlds together, black and white, adding depth wherever it goes. 

The chromatic scale of the marble ranges from pearly white to dark grey tones. It is popular for its versatility and deep colour schemes that reflect the personality of its owner. 

Travertine marble 

Travertine marble

Travertine‌ ‌marble‌‌ ‌is‌ ‌a‌ ‌peculiar‌ ‌stone‌ ‌in itself.‌ The stone has many tiny holes and channels on its surface that separates it from regular limestone. It comes in a wide range of warm earthy tones red, yellow, brown, silver, golden, beige and so on. The hues are typically warm and surround you with comfort. The exquisite travertine colours give a high-end look to the home surroundings. 


Onyx Marble

Want a funky twist to the boring? Then onyx marble is a perfect choice. It is usually used as a backlit to create a luxurious aura. If you wish to create a staircase with lights then this is the stone to go for. 

What’s more? You can choose from an array of colours like blue, pink, orange, green etc. This eccentric stone is made for the eccentric soul and it will for sure add a hint of personality to the plain. 


Staircases need to be very practical additions to a home because they naturally connect different levels of a house. Using marble stones will only add value to your property and maintain that value both financially and aesthetically for a lifetime. 

If you want to buy and install high-quality marble for staircases then don’t just look for the best marble suppliers near you, get in touch with Sipani Marbles. Located in Bangalore, we import some of the finest natural stones from across the world. We offer strong, beautiful and quality marble products to our customers. 

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