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5 Ways To Incorporate The Elegant Travertine Marble In Your Bathroom

Travertine marble is a versatile subdued stone that has an elegant finish, especially with glass polish. This stone is such that you can incorporate it anywhere and it’d bring an instant glow to the room, quite literally. 

It has a minimal look with undertones of whites, creams and sometimes even brown. In fact, some travertine stones come in reds, greys, oranges, golds, whites and even creams. Its subtlety is the perfect choice for a bathroom where you can just focus on relaxing and enjoy an earthen ambience in its wholesomeness. 

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Incorporate Travertine Marble In Your Bathroom.

Shower Walls 

Shower Wall

Adding travertine as shower walls can bring a warm feeling while showering. Small slabs of travertine marble can give your shower space a vintage look. You can also play around with polishing to experiment with different looks. A rough surface will give the slabs an edgy look while a glassy polish will give it a smooth and elegant look. 

Table Tops 



Modern bathrooms need modern aesthetics. You can always add a hint of travertine as a tabletop to create a luxurious vibe. A thick slab of travertine can do the trick. All you need is a polished travertine marble slab and a drop-down sink for installation. Finish the entire look with some plants and flowers and your elegant table-top/sink is ready for use.

Sitting Area

Have you ever seen bathrooms with a small sitting area where you can relax and unwind? We have too! You will love marble platforms where you can just sit and enjoy a luxurious bath. What’s better? You can achieve this vibe with marbles like Silver Grey Travertine. It has a raw vibe that will make you feel closer to nature than ever. 

Wall Accents 

Bathtub Wall

Wall accents create an enhanced space that stands out, yet looks like a part of the room. Dark wall accents combined with a white bathtub will create a great ambience in your bathroom. Silver Tronyx Travertine Marble and Nero Titanium Travertine Marble will be the perfect choice for it. You can also create individual wall accents for different places like a shower space or a vanity space. 


This list wouldn’t be complete without a flooring option. Travertine works really well as a flooring material. It calms an eccentric space and creates a subdued aura around your room. It is also easy to clean and maintain. We would highly suggest the Beige Travertine or the White Travertine for this role.

Final Thoughts 

Travertine marble is very unique as it has the ability to stand out as well as blend in the background. An all-travertine interior is currently the talk of the town and we highly recommend this marble to achieve a trendy interior look. And while you’re busy building the perfect bathroom, don’t forget to surf through our amazing Travertine marble collection to find some of the rarest and the most beautiful stones for your home, office, hotels and restaurants. 

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