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5 White Marble Interior Ideas For Perfect Inspiration

White marble, the most sought-after option for home decor, is always the first choice for high-class interior ideas. White marble has the elegance and beauty that can change the vibe of a home. It’s calm, peaceful and pure essence can convert your home into a marble fort.

White marble is highly popular in India. More and more people today are opting for white marble interior designs for both commercial and personal properties.

So today we have a list of interior ideas that you can use to experiment with white marble.

White marble flooring 

Believe it or not, white marble isn’t always the first choice for flooring. They are often used for wall and furniture decor due to their elegant look. However, there are different types of white marble that give off a sturdy look. You can either go for an all-white marble flooring theme or experiment with a mix and match mosaic-like tiles. The beauty of white is that it can go with almost every colour, so you have full freedom to go creative!

White marble mosaic 

A trend has caught peoples’ eyes. A trend of cutting white marble into small mosaic pieces, like a honeycomb, as wall decor. This trend is a little tricky because you need to cut the marble with precision. Alternatively, if you don’t like the honeycomb idea then you can definitely experiment and come up with your own ideas for wall decor. The sky is the limit.

White marble wall shelf

Yes, you read that right. Although this trend isn’t new, its gaining popularity day by day. You can carve shelves from white marble walls and use them as proper shelves. This idea works well with a minimalist interior. You can try this trend with your bathrooms and living rooms. Don’t worry your marble won’t be ruined.

White marble backdrop

White marble can be used as a backdrop anywhere, quite literally. They make great single-wall backdrop which you can create anywhere. People often resort to white marble backdrops for bedrooms, but you can experiment with other places like the study room (highly recommended), kitchen and living room.

White marble furniture

Using white marble as furniture is nothing new. But what’s new is the way you make the furniture. New creative ideas to use white marble as chairs, tabletops and countertops are shared every day. It is often mixed and matched with wood or iron to make aesthetic furniture.

White marble interior is desirable. Some highly recommended white marble from our end includes- Carrara, Statuario and Calacatta. However, please note that some marble may also be expensive, hence, it is advisable to look at white marble prices/rates before opting for interior ideas.

If you’re looking for white marble then do surf through or collection of white marble. We have an array of imported Italian white marble that is strong, stylish and sophisticated.

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