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5 Interior Ideas For Beige Marble To Inspire You

Every marble has a unique trait. Beige marble is known for its serene and warm aura. With a subdued light brown hue and intricate patterns that resemble the creation of Mother Earth, this marble lights up the house and oozes comfort and quiet. 

Beige, like white marble, is always the first choice for interior designers. So here we have a few interior ideas that you can take inspiration from for beige marble interior decoration.

Shower walls 

Beige marble has a soothing effect on the eyes. Due to this quality, they are often placed at places which are meant to relax. Therefore, beige shower walls are currently the talk of the town. Since the shower is a place where we relax, think and unwind, the soothing undertones of beige will make you feel calm.  

Bathroom and countertops and sink 

A good idea to pair beige marble up with beige shower walls would be to use them for making washroom countertops and sinks. As a subdued colour, it will make your bathroom look sleek, simple yet cosy, even with tiny lights. A combination of this would make your bathroom feel like a hotel, yet at home. 

Bed back walls

As mentioned, beige is a colour that calms the mind. You can experiment and use beige Italian marble as the backdrop of your bed in your bedrooms since Italian marble is not only softer than other marble, it has a delicate sophistication that lights up the beauty of the room.  

Beige bathtubs 

People often prefer white marble bathtubs at home. Well, we have to tell you that the trend is soon declining. Although white marble is great, it tends to stain quicker than any other marble. In 2020, it’s time to experiment and give beige marble bathtubs a try. Bathtubs of both glossy and matt finish have the capacity to make a statement, especially with matching beige flooring. 

Mix and match beige marble flooring 

You don’t have to stick to one type of flooring for your home. Beige marble can be mixed and matched with contrasting or matching hues to create a pattern. Some marbles that complement the undertones of beige are white, black, brown and travertine mix. 

Random pieces of modern art

A firing trend that’s winning the hearts of many is turning things into pieces of modern art. You can do the same with marble. You can strategically cut pieces of beige marble in an assortment that makes a larger picture and incorporate them onto walls. On the flip side, you can also frame a small slab of marble as a piece of exotic wall decor at home. 

So there you have it! Some amazing interior ideas with beige marble. It is a highly versatile marble that has multiple uses, all you have to do is use your imagination and craft a masterpiece. The price of beige marble is on an equal footing with other marbles in the market, so you can plan your interior according to your budget. 

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