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Marbles for home

The Power Game – The Magic Hidden In Color Of Marbles

The charm of a good house rests in a glimpse of first impression. And to bring this lyrical presence to one’s residence or to decide what a flat you’re trying to own accompanies, one should identify this power game; the energy that is binding the house by means of illuminated colors or furthermore by how they synch into harmony with one another. So here are the essential things one should consider for their dream home.

White Marble – The White Energy

The color white signifies things such as reverence, peace, purity, simplicity, cleanliness, birth, humility, precision, innocence, and alongside, it helps one who is in its zone to get a hold on his/her thoughts and concentrate them into balanced manifestation, or in simple words, it removes the chaos around.

And as of its complementary, there are many textured marbles in white, and according to their texture depth, one can choose them for interior designs of kitchen, bathroom and what not, or also as a geometric inlay with the white tiled flooring to bring gleam and grace.

With white marble on the floor, imagine a room or hall filled with wooden or metal furniture, or even little of decor plants, and beneficially, most of any dark absorptive color with correct wall ratio will make it look serene. And just visualize the living room or halls painted in a triadic scheme according to the rule of the color wheel, or in alternating stripes and it will be enough to bring all indulgence by contrasting each other into balance.

The Black Marbles – A Mystery Stone

The color black has strong power when it comes to grounding or centering the energies, and signifying flexibility, reserved power, invisibility, peace and mystery, black marble tiles are one of a kind, and looks magnificent on kitchen dining, bathroom, or as decorative in geometric inlays between light colored stones. Primarily, black marbles are considered to be receiving stones, and that they help self-control or discipline, calming, and soothing the root energy of a person. They are also acknowledged to be related to survival instincts, and therefore, in between multitudinous energies, black marbles have a special place.

Onyx, Tronyx, Travertine – The Endless Creative Power

The marbles are metamorphic stones, which are formed from recrystallized carbonate minerals, and as the minerals of the stone composition differ, there will be different yet unique patterns in the marbles which are also differentiated into categories of Onyx, Tronyx, Travertine. Though the usual colors of soft stones that can be found in nature abundantly are white and grey, there are also rare places which have yellow, pink, blue, red and black marbles with more complex patterns, displaying that there is an everlasting creative element in nature, born in a rarity. And these luxurious stones represent the same, and if installed in the Meeting room, Hotels, Office room, hall flooring, etc. it will trigger creative energy around the zone.

The Red Marble – Color of True Passion

The visual appeal of red marbles stand above any other; the red marble tiles, having the property of emotionally intense color, are psychologically known to increases respiration rate, to enhances human metabolism, and raise blood pressure. They signify war, power, determination, passion, desire and much more. They look luxurious as the bathroom tiles, Red Alicante marbles are recommended highly for the beauty of flooring, the Red Chigan marble with the black, white and gold line look marvelous on a fireplace, and brings the warm atmosphere to the life.

The Grey Marble – Balanced Shades

The Grey marbles have played a huge role in architectural history and their aesthetic adornment placed them to be the part of many beautiful wall claddings. The grey marbles signify formal, sophisticated and conservativeness, and it is considered to be a balanced color with neutrality, hence becoming a part of flooring to interior design applications.

The Blue Marble – The mind stone!

The blue marbles are as if the color of the deep ocean, or the sky that is embracing the white scattered cloud. The blue marbles considered to symbolize stability, faith, confidence, trust, loyalty and considered beneficial to the mind. Their pure virtue makes them part of sumptuous interior and exterior applications.

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