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Types Of Marbles, Making a luxurious choice!

When you have a great vision about your home and how it should radiate your inner world, deeply embedded to the richness of nature and art of being, to fill the warm ambiance around your family, you take consideration of every small detail, and that is what we at ‘Sipani Soft Stones’ do and strive our day fulfilling such incredible passion.

What Kind Do You love The Most?

White Marbles:

White Marbles can most widely be seen in Hotels, Duplex Villas, Bungalows, Hospital, Home, Complex Decor, Internal Wall Cladding, and many other project-work accordingly to the tone and texture variety of beautiful white marbles. With the mild texture, they look alike vintage of luxury and also, can easily be found in the classical architecture of magnificent palaces such as churches, and temples.


Featuring an icy glaring background that comes with a wide variation of gold, grey and other eye-catching hues, Onyx marble from our company accomplices a high durability due to perfect ratio of mixture and fully vacuumized epoxy filling treatment and is best suitable for commercial and home applications such as a countertop, tabletop, fireplace surroundings, bathroom vanity and many more. It is also notable that the Roman cameo, the astonishing Gemma Augustea, which is produced in 9 to 12 AD, carved in a two-layered onyx gem.


Tronyx marble is characterized mainly by the sturdy fineness of silica and the variety of strip colors flowing as if element composition became available for the rarity and uncommon uniqueness. Tronyx is widely used to make things such as tables to chairs, fireplaces to balusters, fences to benches, stairs to fountains, or for swimming pools, bathrooms, toilets, bidets, bathtubs, shower trays, kitchen countertops, sinks, libraries, ornamental carpets, flooring and cladding, coverings, furniture, and much more.


What a way to enjoy the belonging towards nature, Travertine marble is a natural stone that is found near the geothermally heated hot mineral springs deposits and using them on the walls for external and internal wall cladding, jewelry shops. stairs, fireplaces, or bathroom design, and kitchen countertops, one can feel the vibration that is too hard to deny.

Black Marbles:

With a distinctive white, yellow or gold veining pattern, Black Marbles includes many different types of texture, and widely used in exterior, interior wall, & floor applications, for a bold and noble matched look. And they can be dominantly seen on the stair risers, dressing rooms, and as countertops. It is also widely speculated in metaphysical means that the black marbles have attributes of calming one’s will, grounding the negative energy.

Grey Marbles:

Grey Marble tiles come in numerous enchanting texture with mosaic or glossy patterns that the beauty of luxury buildings deeply demands. We are proud suppliers of such flooring options, offering many varieties in Grey marble tiles, and to name a few, you can choose from Salmone Grey, Pietra Grey, Grey Diana, Luna Grey, and many more.

Red Marbles:

Having a radiant reddish background, red marbles are with white veins and definitely, are decorators of your home at best. As of the red color represents strong energy, these are highly recommended even for indoor floor tiling and embellishing sorts, which directly grips the maximum possibilities on interior applications.

Blue Marbles:

In Blue Marble tiles, our company offers you the best two types that are Blue Jeans and Sodalite Blue, and they are as if jeans cloth texture. Bringing about an aesthetic appearance, these marbles can capture alluring brilliance put forward when used in interior or exterior applications, and they don’t fall back when it comes to capturing and enthralling the attention of people.

Brown Marbles:

The brown natural marble stone is one of the favorite preferences of tile designers and is used on fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills, etc. And as of its versatility, it fits in both the rural or ethnic atmosphere and the simplistic contrast makes the perfect surface for many interior and exterior applications.

Beige Marbles:

The Beige Marbles are the sight of luxury, by reflecting a rich luminosity, these stones are most preferred natural stones, and they have even found a rightful place in the Belgium suite of United Kingdom’s Buckingham Palace. Being this splendor, you can find as many richest texture and varieties of Beige Marbles and other mentioned marbles at Sipani Soft Stones.

And in this cluster of choice, we make it more easy for you;
when in doubt, contact our experts, see the number of choice you can make for your dreamy home and get the best that will keep you in happy and constant aww.

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