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A Comprehensive Look Into Our Marble Making Process

Natural stones are marvelous aren’t they? Every stone has its own unique blend of colors and patterns that have an ability to express Earthen beauty. Formed through metamorphosis, these stones exude elegance, luxury and strength.

However, marble stones don’t come with the finishing that you see in stores or households. The finishing of these elegant marble tiles is backed by an extensive cleaning, cutting and polishing process.

At Sipani, we endeavor to manufacture the best marble tiles by using the most advanced technology. Our end goal is to provide beautiful, natural marble for your home. Here’s how the process unfolds.

The Selection Process

Selecting and Importing

The process begins by researching and filtering the countries that produce the best marble in the world. We run a thorough quality check by weighting and stacking the marble to ensure that they come with high quality before making a decision. The crucial part of the process is vigilance, which is to ensure that large sized blocks are selected, we try to tackle all the unwanted problems in blocking by keeping a sharp eye in the process.

Once the selection is done, we initiate the shipment process. After a complete inspection, marbles are carried in containers with full safety and shipped to our factory.

The Stone Strengthening System (SSS)

Reinforcement Process

The SSS starts with a marble reinforcement process. Every block is cut/trimmed evenly and uniformly by removing excess from the edges through the Block Dressing Machine. They are then inspected and wrapped in special fibre, this fibre adds additional strength that holds the marble and ensures that edges don’t get chipped. Each block is then glued and primed in Epoxy Resin and hardener and is dried for two days. Due to this process, even the edges of the slabs don’t chip off during sawing and cutting, proving their strength.

Block Sawing and Cleaning

A gang saw machine with Hydraulic Tensioner Blades is used to slice slabs with uniformity into 18mm thickness. This process is carried out under a continuous stream of water which is used and re-used to clean the edges from particles and molecules while being cut. Depending on the block type, it may take anywhere between 8 to 10 hours to cut the slabs into predefined thickness.

Robotic Handling and Book Matching

All the slabs are then handled by robotic slab handling machines to cut back manual labour and handle the marble with ease. Through the automated machines, the slabs are sent for book matching. Experts align all the slabs in a unique pattern where slabs are mirrored like an open book to analyse their quality, design, patterns and overall look. Basis requirements for quality check, slabs are rotated by using automated machines to achieve the desired book matching results.

Slabs Drying and Preheating

Before proceeding, slabs are preheated and then completely dried with high hot air pressure. The slabs have to undergo hot air jets in a confined environment, this extracts the moisture from the slabs and simultaneously heats it in the process. This allows the pores of the slabs to open up and soak the Epoxy Resin after which is sent for heating once again to bring the Epoxy coating to life.

Mesh Attachment and Dual Coating

The backs of the marble slabs are fixed with imported fibre mesh through high quality Epoxy Resin, it is then heated to add strength. Once done, the slabs are turned to the front through a turning machine in order to coat the front with Epoxy Resin for dual strength, at this point they are heated once again to soak the Epoxy.

The back of the marble has standard coating, however, the front is coated basis the characteristics of the stone for eg. covering up holes and cracks. So the number of coatings depends on the marble itself.


The vacuum processing involves the slabs to go through a vacuum chamber to extract residual air from the slabs one final time. Through this process, the epoxy coating has the opportunity to soak into every minute pore of the slab in order to strengthen it, even the cracks and crannies are sealed permanently


The process is finally complete after the slabs are put through an 8 headed grinding machine, which, through synchronized automation grinds and removes all undulation in the marble to give it a flawless surface. All the 8 heads of the machine work at various pressures by adjusting to the characteristic of the marble to provide an even surface. This process is optional and is done only for slabs which require it.


According to ISI standards, all our slabs go through a 3 kg ball drop test to verify its strength and hardness. We eliminate the slabs that fail the test and proceed with the ones that are eligible. A final inspection is conducted to verify the hardness, density and thickness of the marble. We want to ensure that the marble is perfect without any flaws, cracks or chips. Each and every marble has to achieve the ISI standard to certify its quality.

The Finishing Process

Final Polishing and Stacking

The polishing of the marble is solely based on customer needs, if a customer requires polished marble then we ensure that the marble is polished for glossiness through to our high-tech Automated Slab Polishing Line. Post this, the slabs are later lined and stacked in sequence through a crane. The automation ensures that marble is safely stacked without any damage.

The marble is now ready to grace your home.

There you have it! Our flawless marble making process that produces some of the most luxurious marble. Each and every marble is imported, strengthened and polished with care. We ensure complete inspection of every marble slab to provide strong, stylish and sophisticated marble to our customers.

Visit this link to get an in-depth understanding of our factory process.

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