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8 Things To Consider Before Buying Marble Tiles

Natural stones are always highly in-demand. They are popular for their strength, durability and elegance. Marbles stones have multiple uses, they are crafted into floor tiles, countertops, wall decoration, vases, bathtubs etc.

Often people opt for marbles without doing considerable research. These natural stones are made in a complex manner and deciphering their quality can be a tricky task.

We have listed a few features that you can look into before purchasing marbles. 

  • Strength 

Strength is the first reason for purchasing marble tiles. Natural stones are, well, naturally very strong. Many marble companies have to undertake a 3kg ball-drop test to check the strength of the marble. If the marble successfully passes the test then it’s strength is assured. Before buying marble from any company, it’s advisable to research if their marble has surpassed the test.

As a note, we would like to mention that all Sipani marbles have undergone the test successfully. 

  • Texture 

It isn’t unusual for people to buy marbles solely on the basis of its texture. The texture is the most appealing feature in a marble. For interior decoration purpose, ensure that the texture you choose compliments the overall look and feel of your home. Marbles will high-quality texture often carry a glint in them. It is also important to decide the ambience, Italian marbles have a more sophisticated look to them as compared to Indian marbles which are known to be intricate and elegant. 

  • Finishing 

Good quality marbles stones are cut evenly through machines, they don’t chip at the ends and are processed thoroughly. Different types of marble stones are either polished, flamed or brushed. Polished stones carry a glossy look and they are often used for kitchen tops, floor tiling and walls. Stones with a matte finish are great for floors, stair steps and thresholds as they don’t reflect light. Flamed finish marble tiles have a rough, rigid texture that can have multiple uses. 

  • Coating 

Marbles tiles are unfortunately always coated with harmful chemicals to get the final look. Technically they are coated with General Purpose Polystyrene chemicals. GP chemicals have a cancer suspect agent which can prove to be hazardous to human health.

It is advisable to look for marble stones which are not coated in the General Purpose Polystyrene chemical, instead look for marbles with an Epoxy coating. Epoxy is a cancer-free chemical coating that considerably reduces health hazards. Sipani marbles ensure that all our marbles are coated in Epoxy, you can contact us to know more.

  • Colour

This is a very personal selection. Different colours of marble stone represent different ambiences. White marble is used for a majestic look, black marbles are known to exude masculinity, pink marbles make your home comfy and bright. Whatever colour you choose, ensure that it compliments your home and improves the overall ambience. 

  • Porousness 

Marbles tiles tend to be naturally porous. They absorb acidic liquids like food liquids, chemicals, and other types of acidic spills. In-fact even hard water can dissolve the shine of marble stones. Stones which degrade easily because of these substances evidently don’t carry a high quality. To avoid this, marbles are coated in sealers which helps to prevent acidic reactions. To determine a marble’s quality, you can squeeze three to four drops of lemon juice. If the drops get absorbed then it means the marble is porous and not of good quality. 

  • Maintenance

As mentioned above, opt for marble tiles that are low on porousness. Although different types of marbles have different levels of maintenance, It is important to opt for well-sealed marbles as they don’t require frequent maintenance. On a side note, it is advisable to not spill acidic liquids and stains on countertops. 

  • Cost 

Prices of Imported Italian Marbles

Marble cost can vary basis quality, type, colour, thickness and quantity. Some vendors often sell low-quality marbles for a high price, the results discourage people from future purchases. As a necessity, we hope that you can follow the above steps before making a purchase. It’s also a  good practice to read up on average prices of marble tiles in the industry.

We have curated that information to help you. Click here to read about the prices of Italian marbles in the Indian market


On an ending note, we highly recommend conducting thorough research before you invest in any kind of marble stone. Hope this information proved helpful.


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