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A Brief Look At Prices of Imported Italian Marbles in India

Marbles have the ability to transform your home. With the right aesthetics, they can take you from the heights of the sky to the depths of Earthen soil to the calmness of the sea.

Italian marbles have a very different form of aesthetic altogether. They symbolize luxury, elegance, and high-life. These marbles are very popular, especially in the Indian market, they are imported solely because of their quality, durability, and strength.

But at what cost can these marbles grace your home?

The average range of these marbles can vary anywhere from Rs.200 to Rs. 5000 depending on the type, colour, thickness, and material.

Hundreds of vendors across the country provide marbles at a cheap cost. However, their authenticity can be questioned.

Today we’re gonna break down the average price range of these beautiful marbles in the Indian market.


Beige marbles with their warm tones tend to induce a sense of comfort and fuzziness. Their calm aura has the capability to improve the vibe of your home. Compared to other marbles an average high-quality Beige marble of 16 mm thickness can cost anywhere between Rs.250-Rs.550 depending on the quality.

Sipani Price: Rs. 200- Rs.500 per sq ft for 18mm thick marbles


Brown marbles have an earthy tone that defines nature’s best. The ambience of brown marbles is so understated that it soothes your eyes and gives off a luminous feel with exposed to lights. On average, these marbles are priced between Rs.300-Rs.500 for 16mm thickness in the market. Sometimes high-quality ones can be even more expensive than that.

Sipani Price: Rs. 300-500 per sq ft for 18mm thick marbles


Grey marbles are perhaps the most versatile form of marble that nature has to offer. They symbolize neutrality and timelessness. High-quality grey marbles are also known to have high longevity which is why they are averagely priced between Rs. 300- Rs.500 for regular 16 mm thickness.

Sipani Price: Rs. 300-500 per sq ft for 18mm thick marbles


Black is a stylish colour. It is often used to create a sleek and modern look for the matured. Black marble interiors have the supremacy to create a cold statement. Their luxurious nature is also the reason why they’re priced between Rs. 450- Rs.700 for 16 mm, and these prices may vary from vendor to vendor.

Sipani Price:  Rs. 400- Rs.600 per sq ft for 18mm thick marbles


Onyx marbles lead in the race of versatility. These marbles are known for their beautiful pallets that can carry off any colour. Perhaps this is the reason why they are so widely in demand. Their average price in the market may vary based on interior requirements but often 16 mm Onyx marbles are priced between Rs.600- Rs.3500.

Sipani Price: 600- 3000 per sq ft for 18mm thick marbles


Travertine is naturally very porous. They have a very smooth texture that belies their strength. They are often used for bathroom tiles, countertops and flooring because of their clean-finished look. Since Travertine is always in demand, they are priced between Rs. 400- Rs. 600 for 16mm thickness in the market.

Sipani Price: 350-500 per sq ft for 18mm thick marbles


White marbles are labelled as the king of marbles. They are beautiful, stylish, they are low maintenance, have high longevity and can successfully create a modern reputation among other things. These beautiful marbles are priced dynamically; they can range from the lowest at Rs. 450 to the highest at Rs. 5000 basis the thickness. Here’s a quick look at the average prices of different White marbles in the industry:


White Marble Average Price (Rs per sq ft basis 16mm thickness.)Sipani Price(Rs per sq ft basis 18mm tick marbles )
Statuario1000- 50001000-5000
Thassos700 and above700-2500
Volakas550 and above500-1500
Red Spider/Golden500 and above 350-900
Australian Marble450- 2000500-1000


Marbles are priced at a certain range due to their quality, beauty, and sturdiness. At Sipani we adhere to these features along with an added advantage of protection by coating our marbles with cancer-free chemicals. We believe in providing the best to our customers at fair prices.

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