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Top 5 Countries That Are Known For Producing the Best Marble In The World

Marble is an exquisite natural stone that is formed through metamorphosis under Earth’s high pressure. Many underlying chemicals, cavities and impurities give these marble an elegant look and color while the metamorphosis of stones give them a strength that can sustain for decades. There are countless quarries across the world that produce marble.

Some of the world’s top monuments have been carved from different types of marble, this is the reason why marble is in huge demand across nations. In 2017, the global marble market was estimated to be around $2 billion dollars. 50% of this earning comes from a single market: Turkey.

To understand the demand and supply of marbles, let’s have a look at the top countries that are known to produce and export some of the best marbles in the world. 

  • Turkey (1.1 Billion US Dollars)

Turkey evidently is the biggest exporter of marble. Turkish quarries are rich in producing marbles and travertine and they have some of the biggest quarries on the planet. Although Turkish marbles aren’t exactly as exquisite as, say, Italian marble, they are still known for their quality.

  • Italy (425.5 Million US Dollars)

Italy is where the hype for elegant marbles first began. Italian is the home to some of the finest natural stones like Carrara, Statuario, Botticino among others. It is the second biggest exporter of natural stones globally. 

  • Greece (296.5 Million US Dollars)

Greece is the third biggest marble exporter in the world. Monuments like The Parthenon and Pantheon were built using exotic greek marble. Greek exports well known marble like Volakas, Thassos, Achilles, Arcadia Grey among others. 

  • Iran (166 Million US Dollars)

Iran has a monopoly over rare stones like grey Gohara stone which can only be found in the Lorestan province. Apart from rare stones, Iran has a rich quarry of colorful  and durable marble, they are famous for producing Onyx marble. The stones are so elegant that they have made Iran the 4th largest exporter of natural stones. 

  • Spain (142.3 Million US Dollars)

The final country on our list is Spain. Spain is known to export a wide variety of marble. Some popular Spanish marble exported across the world include Spanish Emprador, Red Chigen, Grey Chigen among others.

Final Thoughts

Some of the best marble in India is imported from the above countries and more including Macedonia, Tunisia, Portugal, Oman, China and Egypt. These countries have ample of marble resources that they share with the world.

At Sipani, we import marbles from across 15 nations in order to provide the best variety at fair prices to our customers. To know more about our collection of marbles click here.

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