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Have Pets? Here are 4 Strong Reasons to use Marble for Home

The joy of having pets is undeniable. Who wouldn’t want a companion to share their home and make beautiful memories with? 

Pets become an integral part of our family, regardless of their species. But their stay comes with heavy responsibilities. Pets need a good home, one where they can play and rest at the same time. Including the need for hygiene and maintenance. 

If you have animals like dogs, cats, birds, chinchillas and even rabbits then you probably need daily cleaning for which you need pet-friendly interior material. If you are planning to renovate your home with pets in mind, then the most pet-friendly option in the market would be marble.

Marble is a natural metamorphic rock which is made from limestone properties. These stones come in a multitude of colours and patterns. They are beautiful, but their utility is not just limited to beauty. They make the perfect material for full marble interior decor, especially if you are a pet owner and here’s why. 

Sturdy and durable 

Sturdy and durable

Pet’s have a tendency to play around and break things. For this, you need a strong material that won’t break or crack with rough and tough usage. Marble is the perfect option as this stone is highly durable and has good longevity. It won’t break or crack even if heavy furniture or tools fall on the surface. Compared to tiles or wood, it’s a sturdier option. 



Imagine all the germs and bacteria that pets collect from outdoors or by pooping and peeing. Materials like wood or tiles will accumulate these germs and allergens even after cleaning. This is not just unhygienic for you but also for your pets and other family members.

Marble is a porous rock which absorbs any form of liquid. Once it is sealed with a sealant, it becomes non-porous therefore it can sustain any accidents that your pet may have without damaging it. Additionally, there are antimicrobial coating in marble which doesn’t allow it to accumulate any germs, viruses or allergens. So you get a hygienic option along with enhanced beauty. 

It is naturally cool

The heat is really high during summers, especially in tropical regions like India. While we can easily use an air conditioner when we are in office, our pets are left to deal with the heat on their own. Animals feel more heat than humans due to fur, no matter short or long. 

They rely on flooring materials to keep themselves cool. Pets who go through extreme heat are susceptible to heat strokes or hypothermia. Marble is essential for this reason. This stone is naturally heat resistant and it stays cool even during summers. It can’t absorb heat which makes it a great option for your pet’s well-being. 

Easy to clean 

Easy To Clean

Marble stones are easy to wipe, dust and mop. You won’t have to put additional effort to clean them. Just ensure that you wipe away stains immediately, broom the fur and mop the dirt. Parallelly, it’s an excellent habit to trim the nails of your pets so that they don’t scratch and damage the surface of the stone permanently. 

Your pets and you deserve a great house. If you are planning on renovating your home with marble slabs then ensure that you buy high-quality marble for long term use, it is a one-time investment after all. 

Sipani Marbles is a supplier of luxury marble in Bangalore. Surf through our beautiful collection and get in touch for queries. 

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