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Marble Colours And Their Impact on Mood

The disciple of colour psychology states that colours can have a temporary effect on the mood. It believes that colours have a symbolic representation in the minds of people and this can be seen across cultures. 

Subconsciously colours have a prominent effect on the mood. Which makes it a very important catalyst for designing home decor. 

You may already know that marble is available in a plethora of colours, so before you choose this natural stone, understand the impact it can have on your subconscious. 



Blue is one of those rare colours that are both energetic yet calm at the same time. A full blue interior will have a pleasing effect on your mood. Blue marble can be found in various shades, but rich blues tend to have a calming effect on the mood. 


Pink is correlated with love, kindness and femininity. This colour can evoke a feeling of being in love and it can also calm your mind. Unlike blue, this stone will make you feel less tranquil and more at ease. 


Green symbolizes growth. As the dominant colour in nature, it exudes a feeling of abundance and energy. Green marble can have a similar effect on your mind. Its blissful aura is great for a positive interior. 


The happiest colour in the colour pallet is yellow. This is a warm colour that symbolizes spontaneity. Yellow stone has a distinct way of spreading a ‘sunshine’ vibe in the overall interior. A bright room with yellow walls can start your day on an optimistic note. 


The epitome of energetic has to be orange. Orange marble is rare and you can majorly find this colour in onyx. Orange symbolizes vitality and energy. You can create an eccentric interior using orange. 



While red stands for passion and energy, it can also take a daring route with its bold red colour. This dark colour maintains the vital energy of the room. However, it is important to pair red marble in a room that gets sunlight or you may end up in a dark zone. 


Black is a classy bold colour. It is associated with power, mystery, strength and refinery. This colour is great for those who want to exude real strength and classiness. It’s great for a vintage look. Like red, it is crucial to use black marble in a spacious and light-filled room to main the combination of light and dark.


Gold is related to compassion, wisdom, courage and love. Using gold colour can make you feel cheerful and regal, like gold travertine or marble streaked with gold textures. It illuminates a feeling of wisdom and happiness.



White is a subdued colour, it hides in the background to make other things prominent. This colour resembles purity and it can leave you feeling clean. White marble can have a powerful effect on your inner being. It is connected with positivity.


Grey falls somewhere between light and dark. If you’re someone looking for balance then this colour is a perfect choice. Grey marble can either induce a feeling of sophistication or leave you feeling dull. Depends on what type of interior you are using it for. White greys are naturally more feminine while dark greys are masculine. It is important to use this colour in abundant light. 



Technically tronyx isn’t a colour but tronyx marble is found in combinations of two or more colours. The colours combined are light and dark. Like red with beige or an assortment of white, black and browns. Multi-coloured marble like this presents a neutral balance and makes your interior colourful. It is all associated with positivity and elegance.


Beige is neutral, relaxing and calm. Like white, this natural stone blends with the background. However, beige marble is available in a range of colours and each can have a different effect on the mood. Bright beige will leave you feeling calm while dark beige will leave you feeling warm. 


Brown is linked with being natural. This is due to the colour of soil and the trunks of trees which are an earthy brown. It is also a colour that exudes reliability. Brown marble will evoke a sense of solace and tranquillity. 

Final Thoughts 

Knowing a colour before creating an interior is important for your mental well-being. People often prefer colours that leave them feeling happy which is why marbles like white, beige and blue are popular. Nonetheless, you can always choose a colour that fits your needs. Hopefully, this blog can help you with that. 

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