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Renovating Home for Diwali? Here are some Marble Interior Ideas That will make your Diwali Extra Beautiful

Diwali, the festivals of lights and prosperity, is the perfect time to shine. This is the time of the year when you finally get to renovate your home for yourself and also for the guests coming to greet you.

If you are thinking of renovating your home, then it’s the perfect opportunity to revamp some much-needed areas of your house. Marble is a stone which can enhance any space with little effort. These natural stones are elegant, impeccable and they’re a one-time investment for your pockets.

If you really want to change the dynamics of your home before Diwali, then it’s a good option to consider marble in order to turn your home into a premium fortress.



Marble flooring has the ability to transform any space into any desired outcome. Neutral tones like white, beige and grey can make your room well put-together. They brighten up your whole space (provided there is ample natural lighting)

The smooth polishing of the marble will give your room a sleek and glossy finish which would look amazing with Diwali decorations and diyas.



Walls are your own personal canvas. During Diwali, these walls are decorated with wall hangings, flower malas, lights and even new paintings. So why keep your wall plain and drab?

Opt for breathtaking, colourful marbles like pink onyx, honey onyx and blue to complement the decoration. Onyx, in particular, are so translucent that they are used for lighting the ambience of a home.

If you don’t want to try something exotic then you can always opt for plain and neutral tones like travertine marble, white marble, black marble, red marble, yellow marble and even brown if you like it.


Have a balcony? Then you have an amazing opportunity to amp it up. Patterned marbles like beige, travertine and tronyx have a tendency to make small spaces look intricate, it makes for great Diwali decoration.

You can use these marbles for that exotic, traditional look. It’ll make your home elegant during the day and royal during night time.


If your house has stone stairs that need work, then you can look at some natural stone options to renovate. Stones like brown, travertine and white look amazing in both matte and glossy finish.

You can convert your stairs into a piece of modern art by relying on natural stones.



Diwali is the perfect time to use marble for the bathroom. These elegant stones are strong enough to withstand water and stylish enough to create the perfect ambience. If you have a boring bathroom then revamping it with golden travertine or white marble will turn it into your very own haven for relaxation. You can enhance the look by adding diyas, lamps and flowers to the setting.

Your guests will love to use the bathroom at any given opportunity.


It’s easy to renovate a boring kitchen. Just use high-quality marble countertops and turn it into something magical. There is a popular trend of using exotic colours like blue, red and brown marble for the kitchen. You can, of course, experiment with more neutral and stylish colours like white, gold and even grey or black. The possibilities are endless.


It’s rare to find good marble furniture in the market, but trust us, they exist! You can find marble furniture at our store in Bommasandra, Bangalore. Our exquisite collection is just what you need to add elegant furniture for Diwali celebrations.


Diwali is a happy occasion, it’s the time for new beginnings. Let’s welcome this new year with style. Opt for high-quality marble.

If you are looking to purchase any of the above-mentioned marble stones, then you can have a look at our collection of natural stones. Sipani is a proud manufacturer of some of the finest marble from across the globe.

Get in touch with us for any queries. Happy Diwali!

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