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Marble Interior Ideas for Small Homes

Marble is an exquisitely soft stone that is known for its sophisticated and ethereal beauty. It is often used to convert an ordinary space into something that is high-end.

Almost anyone can buy marble today. This stone is available for commercial use across the globe. However, there is one stigma around marble that keeps people from buying it. It is the belief that marble should only be used for big homes, hotels and offices. 

Although marble is typically used in the above, it can be used to convert literally any space into something premium. You can create a marble interior design even for small and medium-sized homes. 

Here are some tips and ideas that you can take inspiration from. 


There are endless flooring options that you can take inspiration from. In small houses, you will require less marble but the effect of the marble will be more prominent for the overall interior. Marble flooring will round off space in a clean and stylish manner. It will also keep the foundations of your home strong. 

Don’t hesitate to experiment with marbles like black, beige, white and tronyx. 


Walls set the mood of an interior. Hence, they are an important aspect of your home. You can use marble walls for any space like a bathroom, bedroom or even the living room. Marbles like white, beige and blue will keep the interior light and breathable. 


There are two ways of using marble for walls, one is full wall coverage, the other is using wall decorative methods like a mosaic, backsplashes and wall art. For mosaics, you can use a combination of two or more marble to create a breathtaking effect. Alternatively, backsplashes also enhance aspects of your walls. You don’t have to use backsplashes everywhere but creating it for individual spaces will add a sophisticated personality to the room. Same goes for wall art. 

Individual spaces 

You can use marble for bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms and so on. This stone can also be used to decorate an individual/special places like vanity space, a dressing space, the wall at the back of the bed, a seating space or dining space etc. Little elements of creativity everywhere can enhance the overall interior of even the smallest of rooms. 


Platforms like kitchen countertops, table-tops or even bathroom countertops will look great with marble. Some marbles like pink, brown, beige, travertine and onyx can really make a difference in look and feel. 

Marble is a great choice for a platform because these natural stones are strong, beautiful and sturdy. They can last well especially in highly used spaces. 

Mix and match 

Although a single marble interior is an elegant method of interior design, you don’t have to always opt for it. The biggest advantage of marble is that you can mix and match it any way you like and you will still get beautiful results. Combinations like white and black, pink and blue, red and black make a decent choice. 

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